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April 2, 2008 14:22 ET
Plastic Surgeon Goes Green for Skin With Launch of New Organoderm Skin Care Product Line
NEWPORT BEACH, CA--(Marketwire – April 2, 2008) - Organoderm Skin Care is launched by highly acclaimed plastic surgeon Dr. Edward Domanskis in Newport Beach, CA. \"I am excited to introduce my natural organic skin care products. They purposely contain fewer but more concentrated effective active ingredients in elegant formulations,\" said Dr. Domanskis.
Organoderm contains certified organic ingredients and natural botanical actives to help repair damaged skin and keep it healthy no matter what age. \"As a plastic surgeon, I couldn\'t accept traditional skin care with its synthetics and chemicals,\" continued Dr. Domanskis.
Organoderm products display the USDA logo, certified as containing at least 95% organic ingredients, or the prestigious Circle of Green certification o
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