Comment: What is a Sustainable Society?
User: YEVOO ERNEST Time: 15-02-10 15:19:29 IP address: 82.145.222.*
If measures are not put in place to find remedies to there appalling or disgusting situations, then we are in a great trouble.
Why can\'t we rely on what nature produces or even when we are producing what we like, why can\'t we replace the materials that we have used???
I will continue to say it over and over again that this is a shameful act and we MUST diseased from it. In order to make the world for that matter the earth a better place to live on.Thank you all.
User: guest Time: 12-03-28 23:11:58 IP address: 124.149.35.*
When was this site last updated? sorry, need details for my bibliography
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