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About Us
Source: Sustainable Society USA  Author: Sustainable Society USA  Date: 2007-05-27  

About Us

Sustainable Society USA ( was started in 2006 by a group of people who cares for the long-term well being of human society.  Sustainable Society USA ( believes that tomorrow is as important as today and the best way to ensure a better future is to preserve our planet today.


Tomorrow is as important as today, if not even more.


Mission Statement

The unique characteristics of the Earth have given the birth to lives. For millions of years, lives have evolved and flourished here. Mother Earth has nourished and protected all the lives, including human beings.  During the long period of time, there were many changes of conditions on this earth. Certain changes were completed in a relatively short period of time. In those cases, there were wide spread destructions. Fortunately, most of the changes were so slow that the lives on this planet were able to adopt the changes. This is why this world is filled with such a variety of living things.
Today, mankind, armed with technology, has built a magnificent society.  However, human activities and the by products of human activities are applying great stress to the health of this planet. Forest is shrinking, desert is expending, and the quality of air and water are deteriorating. Recently, scientific community has concluded that human activities are the major driving force in the rapid climate change of modern history.  All of those human caused changes are happening in a relatively short period of time compare of what the nature might take, few decades vs. several thousand years. That gives the living world with little or no time to adopt. As evidence, many living species are dieing out or in the verge of distinguish. That is just one of the many signals indicating that the foundation our society builds on is in trouble.
However, any problem made by people, can be solved by people.  We can build a wonderful society without polluting our air, water and soil. The technologies and good practice are there for us to build a great society with minimum damage to the planet.  We can enjoy our lives at the same time to give our children and their children a chance to enjoy their lives.  This web site is dedicated to building a society which can truly last.
In this web site, Sustainable Society USA ( would like to share the ideas, technologies, and products that Sustainable Society USA ( believes are helpful to all of mankind today and tomorrow.

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Your privacy is very important to Sustainable Society USA (  Sustainable Society USA ( will never ask for your real name, phone number, or address, or any other personally identifying information.  Sustainable Society USA ( will only ask you to create a member nickname and provide a valid email address.

Sustainable Society USA ( will not sell your email.  However, for your protection, you should not provide an email address that you use for important activities such as financial banking.

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